2024-01-03 — RSA-2048 Schlüssel sind ab 2024 nicht mehr VS-NfD konform. (zum Blogeintrag)

The universal crypto engine


GnuPG enables you to secure your files on Windows, macOS, and Linux using state of the art cryptography. Controlling access to encrypted files or backups is no longer necessary as they are useless without knowing the private key they were encrypted to. Thanks to Public-Key-Cryptography it is also unnecessary to share and store passwords for secured files.


E-Mails are like postcards; unless you encrypt them. GnuPG puts your mails into an envelope and ensures that no one can read them while they are in transfer. “End to End” encryption means that only the sender and the recipient can read the mails. This is different from the usual transfer encryption other products offer.


Faked identities are the basis for most cyber attacks. With cryptographic signatures you can ensure that your communication partner is authentic. This way GnuPG helps you to keep your systems free of malware and avoids expensive cleanup operations in case of a successful attack. GnuPG can even be used to log into computer systems and websites.



All our products are Open Source. This means that our source code is published and can be reviewed and modified by anyone. This ensures that you do not bind yourself to a specific vendor. You can be sure that you are able to decrypt and access your data even decades from now.


Our modular architecture with a core crypto engine and multiple frontends can be integrated in any kind of processes. Easy automation is a design goal and our use of standard protocols ensures interoperability with other crypto solutions. GnuPG supports most cipher and authentication algorithms in use and can work with both: OpenPGP and S/MIME.


Since its introduction in 1997, GnuPG just works. With such a track record that it has proven to be the standard solution to secure internet infrastructure and services. Nearly all GNU/Linux servers use GnuPG to ensure the integrity of their system.


A supplier for your needs

Our service-level agreements offer a one stop solution to have reliable and professional contacts for your technical team. Offering guaranteed response times, a dedicated service manager, and direct access to the developers behind GnuPG, GnuPG VS-Desktop, and Gpg4win regardless of the company they work for. This way you can ensure that mission critical problems are solved in the best possible manner.

German readers may want to read our company image brochure (PDF).

Solutions for restricted data

GnuPG VS-Desktop is approved by the German government to handle EU RESTRICTED (VS-NfD) data (BSI-VSA-10573, BSI-VSA-10584). Handling restricted data comes with additional requirements on how GnuPG may be used. We enable our customers to fulfill such requirements and offer consulting on the best way to integrate GnuPG in their processes with our user friendly tools.

The VS-NfD SecOPs can be requested at They are currently only availabale in German.