GnuPG VS-Desktop

Security with VS-NfD Certification

In 2019, the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) approved GnuPG VS-Desktop® for transmitting confidential documents classified as VS-NfD (a German classification level). GnuPG VS-Desktop® also meets the compliance requirements for EU-RESTRICTED and NATO-RESTRICTED.

Our user-friendly comprehensive solution operates on Windows and Linux, encrypting emails and attachments, files and folders (both locally and on remote computers), and chats. The complete package additionally includes personalized service, training, and support services as part of a contractual agreement.

VS-NfDcompliant NATO RESTRICTEDcompliant EU RESTRICTEDcompliant GDPRcompliant Kaufhaus des Bundesavailable PQCbeta available

Note: If you do not need to process VS-NfD data, our sibling software GnuPG Desktop® is suitable, too. It also meets the highest security standards, is optimized for use in companies and GDPR-compliant.

Encrypted Communication Solutions for the Workplace

Included Applications

Check IconGnuPG: Crypto Engine
Check IconKleopatra: graphical Key and Certificate Manager
Check IconGpgOL: Add-in for Microsoft Outlook
Check IconGpgEX: Extension for Windows Explorer
Check IconOkular: Hardened PDF viewer and editor

GnuPG VS-Desktop, Windows Explorer, Dropbox, Encryption

Overview of GnuPG Components

GnuPG (CLI & Engine)

GnuPG, a powerful crypto engine, is at the core of our encryption solutions. It features a versatile command-line interface (CLI) that offers a wide range of cryptographic functions including encryption, decryption, digital signature, and key management.

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Kleopatra Head Icon

Kleopatra (GUI)

Kleopatra is a graphical program that simplifies the management of keys and certificates (OpenPGP and S/MIME). The software provides features for signing and certifying, as well as for importing and exporting certificates. Additionally, Kleopatra communicates with key servers (LDAP, AD, LDS), and the Web Key Directory (WKD).

GpgOL (MS Outlook Add-in)

GpgOL is an add-in for Microsoft Outlook that enables seamless email encryption. Compatible with Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016, in both 32-bit and 64-bit, GpgOL integrates smoothly into the user interface. This extension supports both IMAP/SMTP and MS Exchange Server.

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GpgEX (Windows Explorer Plugin)

GpgEX is an extension for Microsoft Explorer that allows you to encrypt files and folders directly. This plugin is the perfect solution for those seeking a simple yet secure method for file encryption right in their familiar work environment.

Okular (PDF Viewer)

The GnuPG edition of Okular is a modified version of the PDF viewer. Unlike the original program, our version is limited to the PDF format and, for security reasons, doesn't support plugins or scripts. Our viewer allows you to view and verify digitally signed PDF files, as well as sign PDF documents using your X.509 smartcard.

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Our Services: GnuPG plus Support

With us, you're not just purchasing a license key—we don't offer those. Instead, we provide a holistic service. You get not only the software but also personalized consultation, specialized third-level support, and custom software development. GnuPG Desktop® and its included programs are ideal for both small and large organizations seeking a robust, adaptable, and supportive solution for their security needs.

Encryption technologies like OpenPGP and S/MIME may seem complex, but we make their application easy. Our team of experts provides personalized consultation and support for key management and certificate distribution. We integrate our solutions into your existing infrastructure and help optimize your processes. If adjustments to our software are necessary, we work closely with you to develop a tailor-made solution. In the meantime, we always ensure a practical alternative is available.

Our Services Explained


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As part of our Enterprise package for GnuPG VS-Desktop®, we offer comprehensive consulting services. We address your questions individually and discuss the optimal deployment of our solution with your technicians and experts. This includes equipping your users with keys, deciding on the use of hardware tokens, providing necessary information for secure mail and data exchange, and creating a business continuity plan. Additionally, we answer fundamental questions about end-to-end encryption.


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Should you face challenges with our software, you are not alone—we're here to help immediately! Are you unable to use a communication partner's key? Is a signature displayed as invalid? Do you suspect a bug in our software? We are a reliable point of contact for our customers. We are available by phone to offer advice and practical assistance and regularly provide software updates. This ensures that you are never left alone with any issues and receive direct, timely support from the manufacturer.


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The crypto engine GnuPG has been around since 1997. The foundation of our programs and tools is extremely flexible and versatile. Known as the Swiss Army Knife of Crypto, it has numerous options, all described in our comprehensive manuals. We assist you with configuration and ensure that GnuPG Desktop® meets your specific requirements and integrates seamlessly into your operational workflow. Our goal: to provide you with a tailored solution that is both powerful and user-friendly.