GnuPG VS-Desktop 3.1.25

GnuPG VS-Desktop® version 3.1.25 is available since 2022-10-14. The previous version was 3.1.24. 3.1.25 is a security update outside of the regular release schedule and contains only a few new features in the engine.

Notes to Admins

A severe bug has been found in libksba, the library used by GnuPG for parsing the ASN.1 structures as used by S/MIME. The bug affects all versions of libksba before 1.6.2 and may be used for remote code execution. Updating to this new version is thus important.

For the detailed description please see our security advisory. This is CVE-2022-3515.

Note that the Linux AppImage shall be used in version and not as initially announced.

New Features

Engine (GnuPG)

  • GnuPG: In de-vs mode use AES-128 instead of 3-DES as implicit preference. This avoids problems with software considering 3-DES as non-compliant but only announcing 3-DES as supported algorithm. (T6063)
  • GnuPG: Add new LDAP server flag "areconly" (A-record-only) to help against long delays on some AD installations.
  • GnuPG: New feature to mirror an LDAP keyserver to a Web Key Directory. (T6224)
  • GnuPG: Improve reporting of bad passphrase errors during PKCS#11 import. (T5713,T6037)

Solved Bugs

Engine (GnuPG)

  • GnuPG: Update the X.509/CMS parsing library libksba to version 1.6.2 to fix a severe security problem. (T6230)
  • GnuPG: Do not consider unknown public keys as non-compliant while decrypting. (T6205)
  • GnuPG: Fix CRL Distribution Point fallback to other schemes.
  • GnuPG: Fix upload of multiple keys for an LDAP server specified using the colon format.
  • GnuPG: Fix a key upload problem when a BaseDN is specified for an LDAP server. (T6047)

Versions of the Components

Component Version Remarks
GnuPG 2.2.40 T6181
Kleopatra 3.1.24  
GpgOL 2.5.4  
GpgEX 1.0.9  
Libgcrypt 1.8.9  

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